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Roswell’s $11 MILLION Secret Backroom Deal Happening Today

Today, Thursday, the Roswell City Council is having a “special meeting” to discuss approving an $11.1 million loan to a private company.

They are rushing to do this FIVE DAYS before Tuesday’s election – and without prior public meetings – because they don’t think anyone is paying attention or will stop them from going forward.

As a citizen of Roswell, I am very alarmed by this – and you should be too – because the City of Roswell is NOT a bank. What is happening today is a secret and unprecedented backroom deal because even some city councilors have not seen the company’s financial statements.

What is worse is that the city is proposing to take $4 MILLION from our emergency water fund to help finance this loan – the fund for fixing water leaks immediately. If they drain this fund and an emergency leak arises, they will have no choice but to raise our water rates again. This is extremely risky and totally unacceptable.

There is NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON for the city council to be voting on this today.

Please come to this afternoon’s city council meeting at 5:00 PM at the Roswell Convention Center, 912 N. Main St., and tell Mayor Kintigh and the city council that they should not proceed with approving any loan until the public has ALL the facts.

If you cannot attend tonight’s meeting, please call your councilor, and tell them to not approve this loan. Contact information is here:

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