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Roswell needs a change in leadership

Dear Citizens of Roswell:

My name is Steve Henderson. I have had the privilege of serving Roswell as a City Councilor for 20 years and as a city employee for 14 years. My wife, Carol and I grew up here and raised our family here. It is my opinion that we need a change in leadership at the mayor's position in Roswell.

In order to bring civility and courtesy to City Hall and the City Council Chambers, I am supporting Tim Jennings for Mayor. Former Senator Tim Jennings will provide professional leadership and get us out of the rut of conflict and bullying.

Our current Mayor has resorted to tactics that destroy the morale of our city employees, City Council and community partners and create fear. His juvenile tantrums are counterproductive and unbecoming for the leadership of our city. As most everyone knows, several quality employees and community leaders have resigned their posts because of his caustic demeanor.

I believe Tim Jennings will provide the leadership Roswell needs to thrive and grow our economy and mend our relationship with our community partners.

I invite you to join me and all those who love Roswell, and vote for Tim Jennings for Mayor.


Steve Henderson

Roswell Citizen

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