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Fact Checking Kintigh's False Claims

Dennis Kintigh and the Roswell City Council don’t want voters to know the truth.

Just two days before the election, Dennis Kintigh thinks he can pull one last fast one on the people of Roswell -- but he can't run from the truth.


Crime in Roswell has dramatically increased over the past four years under Mayor Kintigh. Instead of hiring more patrol officers, Kintigh and the city council tried to spend $35 million for a new public safety complex that over 80 percent of voters rejected.

KINTIGH CLAIM: Unbelievably, Kintigh is trying to claim that crime in Roswell has actually gone down over the past four years.

FACT: Violent crimes such as murders, kidnappings and robberies, have increased dramatically. Just look at the raw numbers straight from the city’s own crime statistics pulled from Official City Records on For example, there were 5 murders in 2017 and there were 12 in 2021.


Mayor Kintigh and the Roswell City Council — who tried to spend $35 MILLION on a public safety complex — are now trying to spend $61 MILLION on a new baseball field complex.

KINTIGH CLAIM: Based on public pressure and after months refusing to do so, Kintigh is now saying – days before the election – that he doesn’t want to spend that much…but refuses to say to say how many millions he wants to spend. Is it $40 million...50 million (plus interest)?

FACT: The City of Roswell has already spent over $500,000 on designing the $61 MILLION baseball field complex.


FIVE DAYS before the election, the Roswell City Council approved an $11.1 MILLION taxpayer-financed loan without prior public hearings.

KINTIGH CLAIM: SILENCE. Kintigh won’t go on the record to explain why this vote was rushed five days before the election.

FACT: Kintigh and the city council are at fault for not having timely public meetings and fully disclosing the loan terms and asking the citizens if the city should be serving as a bank. The final terms of the loan weren’t even presented to the council at the meeting.

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